Robert Tournon honed his score writing and printing skills during his tenure as trombone teacher at the Conservatoire. After providing his students with high-quality prints and working in close collaboration with his fellow-teachers for several years, he decided to set up his own music engraving company and make his experience available to music publishers: in 1998 ÉLIUS GRAVURE MUSICALE was founded.

Sylvie TOURNON joined her husband's company a year later. Gathering a team of collaborators - fellow-printers/musicians/copyist, Robert and Sylvie TOURNON decided to develop their activities in two complementary directions:


MUSIC ENGRAVING: combining an age-old practice with the use of modern technology and various software COMPUTER GRAPHICS: mastering the different tools of graphic arts and layout, thus being able to control the whole printing process from start to finish.

After years of putting their expertise at the service of publishers, composers and conductors of international renown, Robert and Sylvie TOURNON created ÉLIUS sàrl in 2003, and expanded their team to meet the market’s demands.

ÉLIUS’ manifold and stylistically diverse production (instrumental pieces, academic material, chamber music, orchestral scores and parts) is hailed by international publishers and performers alike.

At ÉLIUS, we come from different musical backgrounds but we certainly do share the same professionalism. And we are flexible enough to adapt to all stylistic requirements!



While we do most of our score writing and graphic work on Macintosh (G4 and G5 under MacOs 10.3), we can also work on PC.

We use Finale, Sibelius and score. We also retrieve files from different applications and adapt ourselves to other software.

All our graphics are created with Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Quark Xpress ...
Illustrations to be incorporated into academic and teaching material are first scanned with top-quality image scanners.


We offer a choice of format options :

B&W Laser print (A4-A3)
Colour Inkjet (A4-A3)
PDF files (or other formats)
Files available on ftp server

Equipped with several laptops (Mac & PC), our team is very mobile.
We are thus able to work with you on your different projects on site.


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