ÉLIUS' exceptional prints: music and much more!
Engraving which brings out the music's true meaning!


ÉLIUS' (engraving company) exceptional prints score writing and much more ! Music engraving which brings out the music's true meaning !

Our combination of expertise, vision and state-of-the-art technology leads us to follow, and respect, the age-old tradition of plate music and score writing. We therefore take meticulous care to convey the composer's own intentions.

A rich and diverse professional experience as trained musicians and performers gives us a very precise vision of the music and score writing. Understanding the 'inner' structure of a piece helps us create a coherent and homogenous layout for easy reading and immediate performing comfort.

The medium is always of paramount importance : not only should it have an affinity with the style of the music itself, it must also be at one with the student, the teacher, the conductor or the instrumentalist who shall eventually use it.

From our professional experience as teachers and performers, we have developed a vision of music engraving as an artistic production stemming from a perfectly clear and well-balanced design.

ELIUS music engraving :
- Provides meticulous and careful music engraving   
- Creates a clear layout adapted to the style of the music and score writing
- Delivers top-quality work   
- Adapts and implements your graphic chart   
- Leaves you the choice of graphic tools, score writing software and exploitation   
- Guarantees on-time delivery of urgent orders and always respects deadlines   
- Guarantees top-quality files   
- Offers competitive and adapted prices and customized service


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